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ProSet 1600 pneumatic riveter

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The great power of a reliable riveting tool, lightweight and compact. 
ProSet® The 1600 model offers a fitting innovative angled air, which moved to the left or right and provides with an ON / OFF function, increasing flexibility, conserving energy and reducing production costs. 
The ProSet® 1600 laying rivets 2.0mm Micro Rivets, 2.4mm and 3.2mm up to 4.0mm all matters and at all open steel rivets.

Product Description


·      Construction polymer light trigger "two fingers" sensible and comfortable

·      Exhaust steerable venturi (MCS model)


·      Excellent power to weight ratio

·      Quick release holder nose

·      Quick removal of jaws housing

·      Quick removal of mandrel collector


·         Able to crimp Micro Rivets 2.0mm Holder nose optional 127mm for access dif fi cult

·         Compatible with Rivet (RP)

·         Compatible with  Riveting SmartSet Control System