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Electrical wire Riveter without PB2500

Availability Information

 PB 2500
 High capacity, compact and light, equipped with 18V lithium ion battery and latest-generation           brushless

The mandrels are collected automatically in the central collector

Riveting Capacity: standard rivets ø 2.4 - 4.8mm

Weight: 1,69kg - battery included

The rivet retaining device in the nose piece

Race 25 m

Charging the Li-Ion battery in only 30 minutes.

Product Description

Dimensions:320mm (L) x 240mm (H) 
Battery:Pack thin sliding 18V Li-Ion (POP® EBC181-QW) Duration full load: 30 minutes 
Charger:20V Li-Ion (POP® EBC105-QW), with a charge level indicator 
Sound level:73.7 dB (A) 
Traction force:8,500 N 
Riveting Capacity:standard rivets ø 2.4 - 4.8mm 
Weight:1,69kg - battery included